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Missourian Kyle Walsh contributes to bestseller Jaime Zografos’ new book

Jaime Zografos, a two-time best-selling author, has announced the release of her new book, “Shift With Intention and Soar: Your Guide to Manifesting Your Best Life.” In this latest work a Missouri author contributed a chapter to the effort.

Zografas, a St. Louis entrepreneur, is the owner of JZ Appraisals, a real estate appraisal firm; OsteoStrong, a holistic health and wellness center; Bountiful Experiences, a coaching model and retreat community’ and the non-profit organization, “Boobtique,” which curates breast cancer gift baskets. Zografas was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 but is now cancer-free, which subsequently led her to find her bigger purpose in life.

Zografas has a history of writing inspirational, everyday use books that mainly focus on how to live the best life possible while still battling adversities.

This is the case with her new anthology, which talks about cancer, car accidents, divorce, crippling self-sabotage, and many more problems the authors faced before they had a positive shift that drastically changed their lives.

This book features 40 authors, who all share their experiences about finding direction when feeling lost, setting healthy but difficult boundaries with themselves, growing into a loving mindset, and shifting with the intention to better their lives and those around them.

One of the authors of this book is Missouri defense lawyer, Kyle Walsh.

Walsh, a University of Missouri alumnus, has quite the resume in the legal and political fields. From working at the Missouri Supreme Court, the prosecutor’s office, and on a Senate campaign, Walsh is no new face to facing adversities. He now owns his own law firm, Walsh Defense, which is located in his hometown of Poplar Bluff.

“I want to destigmatize mental health and the issues that surround it, and let people know that they can get through it.” Walsh said. “I wish to serve as an inspiration to some who need it, and show them to never ever, ever, give up, and surrounding yourself with support systems like family or friends that can help you is very important.”

The book launches on April 21 on Amazon and is purchasable for a special introductory rate
of $1.99, though this rate is only available for 24-48 hours. To purchase the book, click here.