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New Ad from Hanaway: Cracking Down on Dangerous Immigration


From the Hanaway campaign:

We released our new TV ad this morning!

Our new ad highlights my experience as a former federal prosecutor and my commitment to halt illegal immigration. It also mentions my endorsement by Missouri Right to Life and my “A” rating from the NRA.



Lawlessness is taking hold in Missouri. After the attacks on police in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and closer to home in Ballwin, it is more important than ever that we have a Governor who is willing to stand up for law and order and the men and women of law enforcement.  And with terrorism on the rise around the world, it is crucial that we secure our borders.

As a former federal prosecutor, I prosecuted over 4,000 cases and dealt with the worst that Missouri had to offer.  I prosecuted violent criminals and corrupt politicians.  I prosecuted and deported illegal immigrants.  

I’ll bring the same no-nonsense attitude to the Governor’s office. It’s time to restore law and order to our streets, to stop immigration from countries that support terrorism, and to fight illegal immigration.  It’s time we made Missouri Safe and Strong!