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Opinion: Letter to MOGOP

I have considered myself a Republican since I was in high school bemoaning the fact I was too young to vote for Ronald Reagan. I have always appreciated and agreed with the various aspects of the Republican Party, especially the defense of the pre-born, traditional families, and more.

Another of the many things I remember and appreciated about the Republican Party of those days was the strong opposition to gambling. We opposed the lottery, we opposed the casinos. We understood that American strength was a result of individual strength – built from hard work and self-reliance, not chance and the exploitation of others.

But sadly those days are over. In the current session of the Missouri Legislature the Republicans are leading the way in expanding gambling in our state. To wit:

Justin Brown – SJR 14

David Griffith – HB 963

Tony Leutkemeyer – SB 30

Dan Houx – HB556

Jeff Knight – HJR 23

Bill Hardwick – HB699

Denny Hoskins – SB 1

It seems that these gentlemen believe they can support – even sponsor – legislation that is clearly contrary to the Republican party platform. Just in case, like those listed above, you have forgotten, our platform includes that statement that we support “Prohibiting the further expansion of gambling within Missouri beyond that already authorized.”

I cannot and will not support gambling in any form at time or in any place. Therefore, I cannot support these men. And since I know that anything I give to the Republican Party will be used – at least in part – to support these men I cannot in good conscience support the Republican Party.

If those who are elected to serve our grand Republic are not willing to abide by the platform upon which they ran, what purpose is there in having a platform? How can voters know what kind of policies and priorities they are voting for?

I plan to continue my position as a Committeeman for the Morgan County Republican Party. Through this I hope to help the party learn to vet our candidates better, and direct our support to those who are committed to uphold our party platform. I hope others will join me in this task. With elected officials so blatantly ignoring the platform, our platform is meaningless, our fellow citizens have no clue who they are really electing, and therefore in some races Democrats or

third-party candidates may be more deserving of our vote. At least we would know what they stand for.

There are many in our state legislature who are firmly committed to our platform. These legislators, and others who take our platform seriously, are worthy of our support.

Until all party candidates attest that they will uphold our platform – especially in areas of life, traditional marriage, opposition to gambling, etc… true Republicans, I will be supporting individual candidates rather than the party as a whole.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and thank you for your careful consideration. I hope my concerns are heeded lest we see a fracturing of the party – which will inevitably lead to others winning elections.