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Opinion: We must secure our border now

Our Southern border is a mess. While Joe Biden may try to claim that our Southern border is under control, that is just not true. There is a crisis on our Southern border, and more must be done to secure our border and ensure the safety of every Missourian.

The facts do not lie, but instead demonstrate Biden’s ineptitude at fixing this crisis on our Southern border. Since Biden took office, more than 4.7 million illegal aliens have crossed our Southern border, and 1 million of these have escaped the border patrol agents and vanished into our country. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently released data showing 227,547 aliens were apprehended attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border during the month of September. This is the highest number of crossings in September in the Department of Homeland Security’s history. With those attempted crossing, agents seized over 1,800 pounds of deadly fentanyl and over 10,000 pounds of methamphetamine. The amount of fentanyl seized in September is equal to more than 414 million lethal doses.

The sad thing is these numbers only capture a portion of the crisis. There are thousands of victims of human trafficking that are never rescued or reported. These numbers hide the cartels who are emboldened to push their drugs further and further into our country.

These crossings are the direct result of the policies of the Biden administration. Again, the facts do not lie. The number of apprehended aliens in September under Biden are up 374 percent from the average number of September apprehensions during President Trump’s administration. Overall, the number of crossings for the most recent year are up 419 percent when compared to the final year of the Trump administration.

Because of Joe Biden, every state is a border state. Every state must be proactive in ensuring our border is secure, so that we do not have drugs and crime surging in our communities.

As your Attorney General, I have sued Biden to ensure that the successful policies implemented under President Trump are reinstated. Earlier this year, I filed suit against Biden for revoking the Title 42 program. We won in court. Despite Biden’s efforts, this successful policy remained in place to assist our border patrol agents. I have also made fighting human trafficking one of my office’s top priorities, rescuing hundreds of victims in partnership with law enforcement agencies across the state. Many of these victims were trafficked over the border, and they are being taken advantage because of Biden’s lax policies.

Biden’s failure on the border has no limits. In the first weeks of 2021, the Biden administration cancelled Operation Talon, a nationwide operation in the Department of Homeland Security that removed illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes. It transcends common sense why Democrats wanted to cancel a program to deport convicted sex offenders who are in America illegally. Regardless, I led a coalition of 18 attorneys general to reimplement this program.

While Biden’s border policies are nothing short of disaster, my opponent Trudy Busch Valentine sadly has supported the Biden administration’s failed border agenda. She is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens for millions of illegal aliens. She refuses to say that she would support successful policies like Title 42, but she has campaigned on providing more services funded with taxpayer dollars for those here illegally. Finally, instead of supporting more patrol agents to keep our border secure, she supports hiring 87,000 new agents for the Internal Revenue Service.

While Trudy Busch Valentine is focused on expanding big government, I have a record of keeping you and your family safe. From locking up violent criminals to ensuring our border is secure, I am committed to keeping Missouri secure. Securing our border is one of the top issues for the U.S. Senate, and my opponent has shown that she does not have the record or experience to get the job done. Your family deserves to feel safe, and it is clear that my opponent could not care less.