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Press Release: Clay County Board of Election Commissioners Hire Heather Hall as new Republican Director

The Clay County Board of Election Commissioners hired Heather Hall, former Kansas City Missouri Councilwoman, as the new Republican Director of the Election Board. Hall will work in partnership with Tiffany Ellison, the Democrat Director, to ensure fair, honest and transparent elections for the voters of Clay County.

Hall served the residents of Kansas City in District One from 2015-2023 which is all in Clay County. Hall has been active in elections and politics in Clay County since moving to the Northland in 1999 and believes in the power of elections to ensure freedom for all citizens. She and her husband, Eben, a retired police officer, have three grown children.

Darla Wierzbicki, Chairman of the Board of Election Commissioners said, “We voted unanimously to hire Heather. We believe she brings a wealth of experience, transparency and honesty to the position and for the voters of Clay County.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Heather Hall as a Co-Director! Her experience as an office holder brings a fresh and valuable perspective to our team. Having already served as Interim Director, we’ve witnessed firsthand how effectively she works towards achieving the mission of the Election Board. Together, we are determined to improve and enhance the way we serve Clay County voters. Heather’s enthusiasm and dedication make her a true asset to our office. We are excited for positive changes we will make with Heather on board,” said Tiffany Ellison, Democrat Director

The Clay County Board of Election Commissioners’ mission is to administer the election process in an unbiased, honest, and efficient manner so that all eligible Clay County voters will have an opportunity to vote in accordance with local, State, and Federal laws. For more information, visit