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Press Release: Jeremy Lloyd Announces Candidacy for Missouri House of Representatives, Vows to Uphold Conservative Values and Prioritize Family, Education, and Public Safety

St. Peters, Missouri – Husband and father of five, Jeremy Lloyd, has announced he is running for the Missouri House of Representatives to fill the seat of outgoing Representative, Phil Christofanelli. Lloyd looks to continue the legacy of conservative leadership that the people of St. Peters have come to expect.

“For conservatives, nothing is more American than the belief that life is the first right for all of our citizens,” Lloyd said. “I want Missouri to be the safest place in the country for unborn children and I pledge to be a pro-life champion for the people of St. Peters. I will work diligently to support both mothers and their unborn children.”

He also plans to make healthy families a pivotal issue of his campaign. “If our families are broken, our schools, cities, and government will be as well. Children who grow up in homes with a mother and father are more likely to perform well in school and less likely to commit crime. Healthy families will allow our young people to grow into well-functioning members of society who will be the centerpiece for the next generation of a flourishing Missouri.”

Additionally, Lloyd believes that “strengthening our families starts when we tell Jefferson City to go on a diet by cutting taxes and wasteful spending so that the hardworking citizens of Missouri can keep more of the money that belongs to them in the first place.”

Crime is a major concern for many Missourians right now. “Our families also need to be safe. That’s why I support the Second Amendment rights of all citizens to keep and bear arms and will do what I can to support our brave law enforcement officers and make sure that criminals are put away, rather than back on the streets with a slap on the wrist.”

Lloyd has a master’s degree in theology and is nearing completion of another master’s in pedagogy and a PhD in Christian ethics with an emphasis in public policy. He has published articles on websites such as National Review and the pro-life website Live Action, as well as in academic journals. He is writing his dissertation to demonstrate that the human dignity argument President Lincoln made against slavery, if adopted today, constitutes a compelling ethical case against the legality and practice of abortion.

He also sees education reform as a great need in the state. “Quality education is vital,” said Lloyd. “Unfortunately, there is need for significant improvement before we deliver the type of education that Missouri parents expect, and our children deserve. We need to make sure our hardworking teachers and schools have everything they need to be successful, but we also need to make sure that every option is explored when it comes to educating our children, and that includes charter schools, scholarships, and making sure our growing homeschool community can be successful. I’m a capitalist when it comes to the markets because I believe competition breeds success. I think the same is true for our schools. After all, even Democratic President, John Kennedy, said, ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’”

Lloyd is an editor at Child Evangelism Fellowship, the world’s largest children’s ministry. They have active ministry in most countries in the world. In addition, he has served in pastoral ministry in various churches in the area. He and his family are active members of their church where he has served as a deacon and Sunday School teacher.

“My wife, Erica, and I have been raising our five children in St. Peters for years. My family loves it here. I love it here. We look forward to working for the wonderful people of this city for many years in order to help make St. Peters, and all of Missouri, a safe haven for unborn children, a place where families are stronger, and where all of our children get a quality education. That is the path to make a better St. Peters and a stronger Missouri as we do our part to form a more perfect union.”