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PRESS RELEASE: Missouri House Makes History by Passing Rep. Eric Burlison’s Freedom to Work Legislation



Missouri House of Representatives



Feb. 12, 2015



CONTACT:  Rep. Eric Burlison



Missouri House Makes History by

Passing Rep. Eric Burlison’s Freedom to Work Legislation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State Rep. Eric Burlison applauded the support of his House colleagues as they made history Thursday by approving his Freedom to Work legislation. Burlison said the bill’s passage marks the first time in Missouri history that such legislation has been approved by either chamber.

“This is an important and historic moment for our state as we move closer to true worker freedom, and the enhanced economic prosperity that inevitably will result from becoming a Freedom to Work state,” said Burlison, R-Springfield. “Missouri’s economy on all fronts has suffered because of current state statutes. Missouri is not as competitive on the world market as it could be. Businesses are bypassing our state for greener pastures. Freedom to Work will level the playing field and allow us to compete for new employers and jobs.”

HB 116 would prohibit contracts that require a worker to join a union or pay union fees as a condition of employment. Burlison said the bill, which would make Missouri the 25th Freedom to Work state, promotes worker freedom. He noted that states where it has been enacted have seen faster job and economic growth when compared to states without Freedom to Work laws.


“No business, no union, and no government can keep good, high-paying jobs without a robust private economy,” said Burlison. “Freedom to work is not only good for workers and businesses; it is good for the people of Missouri and our future. At the end of the day, all this will do is give individuals the right to join a union, join a competing union, or not join a union at all.”


HB 116 was approved by the House by a vote of 91-64. It now moves to the Missouri Senate for consideration.