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Pro-Wrestling Progressive DNC member Curtis Wylde has announced his Candidacy for State Representative in House District 107


O’FALLON, MO. – An Independent Professional Wrestler and Progressive Democrat who was elected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2016 has officially launched his second campaign for State Representative in Missouri’s House District 107.

Curtis Wylde, a Master of Ceremonies in O’Fallon, MO., is a noticeable outsider with no previous political experience. He ran in 2016 for the same seat achieving 36% (with $6000 against $100,000+ in GOP Opposition) in his first attempt to run for public office and in a district that had been called a “GOP Safe Zone”. This prompted his opponent, Rep. Nick Schroer, to introduce HB-754 which would prevent Curtis from running as “Wylde” which is his “Stage Name” in Professional Wrestling.

Wylde, who had only loosely followed politics, became extremely politically involved during the 2016 Democratic primary process. In support of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Curtis and his wife organized a march on Main St. Saint Charles Missouri, and donated their home as the Sanders campaign Headquarters in St. Charles county where Sanders bested Clinton by 10%.

Wylde’s first attempt saw him run in lock-step with Sen. Sanders’ platform issues. Curtis believes Missouri should “Put People Before Profit and Main street before Wall street.” and that “We should stop allowing Multi-National Corporations to off-shore the American Dream”.

Curtis, within his first year as a Democrat, has become the Chairman of Legislative Districts 103 & 107, Vice-Chair of Senatorial District 2, St. Charles County Committeeman, State Committeeman, and National Committeeman, is openly anti-establishment, and admittedly fighting for what Sen. Sanders’ supporters call a “Political Revolution”. He is the National Spokesman for the #DemEnter movement, founded by Sanders Delegate from Hawaii Jason Eno, to reattract jaded Sanders supporters. He is a testament to not only the inclusion of the Democratic Party, but proof that if you want party reform, and are willing to get involved, you can take a seat at the table.

While advocating for Single-payer healthcare, Job creation through Sustainable Infrastructure programs (a “Green New Deal”), Income & Social Equality, he also expresses beliefs that sound down right conservative. Curtis supports a smaller Government “As long as it’s more efficient”, and is a strong supporter personal freedom, individual rights, and the 2nd Amendment adding “but we can’t forget that “well regulated” part”. He’s also a strong advocate for cannabis legalization, medicinal and recreational, saying “We live in an agriculture state, and adding a new cash crop or two (industrial hemp) will be a boom for our farmers, and all corresponding industries while adding much needed tax revenue that can be used for Education, Healthcare, Research, and improve our social systems.”

“We need real people representing real people.” He says. “Millionaires cannot represent people who are struggling. Millionaires and Billionaires are buying politicians to do their bidding and not adhere to the will of We the People. I don’t want to be a “Politician”, I’ll be a Public Servant” he proudly exclaims.

House District 107 was previously held by Ron Hicks, a Pro-Labor Republican in a Labor heavy district. However, it is now held by Rep. Nick Schroer who voted in favor of Right-to-Work legislature. Curtis is a strong Pro-Labor advocate.

The 2018 General Election is on Nov. 6th 2018.

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