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Release: Missouri Municipal League Opposes Amendment 4


JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri — The Missouri Municipal League Board of Directors voted recently to oppose Amendment 4, stating the proposed measure would limit the ability for city sales taxes to adjust to an ever-shifting economy.

The effect could lead to a significant reduction in vital local services, such as police, fire, street maintenance, parks and more.

“This measure would amend the Missouri State Constitution, making it incredibly difficult for cities to revise tax structures over time,” said MML President and Riverside Mayor Kathy Rose. “It could cripple a local government in carrying out the needs citizens demand.”

MML opposes Amendment 4 for the following reasons:

  • Placing a sales/use tax expansion prohibition in the Missouri Constitution would not allow this vitally important local revenue source to adjust to new technologies and an ever-shifting economy.
  • Amendment 4 could lead to the elimination or reduction of vital local services.
  • There are no current efforts in Missouri to tax services. Placing a broad constitutional prohibition on the ballot to prevent an action that has not yet or may never occur is bad public policy.
  • With existing constitutional requirements, any proposals to extend sales tax to services in Missouri require a vote of the people. Amendment 4 focuses on a problem that does not exist.

Other opponents of Amendment 4 include the Missouri Budget Project, an organization providing independent research on state policy issues and how they impact Missourians.

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