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Right-to-Work advocacy group ends first ad campaign


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Committee for Accountable Government in Missouri announced the end of their first series of ads Tuesday.

The ads were created in the hopes of ousting anti-Right-to-Work Republicans from office and replacing them with candidates in favor of Right-to-Work legislation.

Brandon Moody, a spokesperson for the committee, stated that the actions of Republicans who worked in a pro-union capacity on Right-to-Work issues were tantamount to a betrayal of the party.

“We expect our Republican elected officials to do what’s right and support worker-friendly, pro-growth, pro-jobs legislation,” Moody said in a statement. “Elections have consequences and we will do what we can to hold these representatives accountable. To that end, we call on pro-business conservative leaders with the courage to do what’s right to stand up and run for office against these anti-growth politicians.”

The political action committee is funded by David and Debra Humphreys, conservative political benefactors from Southwest Missouri who have been strong proponents of Right-to-Work bills. After the failure of last session’s Right-to-Work bill to overcome Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto, the committee was formed to target the Republicans who had voted against the measure during the veto session.

Rep. Ron Hicks
Rep. Ron Hicks

Two such representatives, Rep. Ron Hicks and Rep. David Hinson, have stated they will no longer run for office in order to pursue other opportunities. However, Moody stated that their decision to effectively step down from office was a result of the committee’s work, and that they were already looking for anti-labor Republicans to replace them.

“We will work with any willing groups to identify and support candidates who are pro-worker and support job growth in this state,” said Moody. “We are committed to supporting the best and brightest candidates through this process.”