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Schmitt debuts new ad for upcoming general election

Jefferson City, MO – Attorney General and Republican Senate nominee, Eric Schmitt has released a new ad “grilling” Joe Biden for the economic issues in America. Schmitt refers to himself as a “Grill Dad”, but states that it now costs an “arm and a leg to cook out”.

He goes on to say that “the price of ground beef is up 36%”, which goes along with the Missouri Farm Bureau’s claim that “Cost of July 4th Cookout 17% Higher Compared to Year Ago“. 

“In the Senate, I’ll end the wasteful spending and put more money back in your pocket,” Schmitt says, after noting that Missourians have to pay over $700 a month due to inflation he claims Biden has created.

Schmitt has been leading in recent polling after winning the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate back in August. He is running against the Democratic Nomination winner, Trudy Busch Valentine, who went unmentioned in this ad.

Schmitt has stacked up quite the endorsements for his run for Senate, the most previous being Missouri Farm Bureau. “Attorney General Schmitt has been a staunch ally of rural Missourians at every level of public service. We need strong leaders to fight on behalf of Missouri’s farmers and ranchers against an activist administration, and he has already proven he is not afraid to speak up and work for us.” said Missouri Farm Bureau president Garrett Hawkins.

The General election is set to take place on Tuesday, November 8.