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Smith launches first television commercial in Eighth District race

Rep. Jason Smith

— Republican congressional candidate Jason Smith released the first television commercial of the Eighth Congressional District race on Wednesday — touting himself as a “common sense conservative” for southeast Missouri voters.

The commercial — released less than a month before district voters go to the polls in a special election — was a biography spot on Smith, a state representative from Salem. The ad did not even indirectly mention his opponent, Rep. Steve Hodges, D-East Prairie.

“Raised in a small Missouri town of less than 5,000, Jason Smith knows our values, hard work, common sense, and never forgetting where you come from,” a narrator said.

Over images of himself on a farm and with firearms, Smith said, “My family doesn’t come from money, but the values they taught me are priceless.”

While they did not share specifics, a spokesman for Smith told The Missouri Times: “It is a significant buy. We will be on network TV for the remainder of the campaign.”

Watch the spot below: