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Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr introduces legislation to ensure Missouri businesses and occupations are protected from burdensome regulations


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –House Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr filed legislation this week to ensure Missouri workers and businesses are protected from burdensome regulations that could stifle their growth, and the growth of the state’s economy. Haahr filed HB 609 to require a heightened burden be met before the state creates any new occupational licenses.

Haahr said the legislation is part of the policy platform laid out by House Speaker Todd Richardson, who called for the legislature to remove the unnecessary government regulations that stifle innovation and job creation in the state. The legislation also follows Governor Greiten’s executive order, issued Tuesday, freezing all new state regulations.

“Our Republican platform has been clear that we must rein in our government so entrepreneurs and businesses can do what they do best. By removing barriers the government has built, we can unleash the marketplace and allow private industry to create more opportunities for our state’s growing workforce,” said Haahr, R-Springfield.

Haahr’s bill would establish a heightened level of review with specific criteria for all legislation that would seek to license an occupation or profession for the first time or to substantially expand the scope of a current professional license. Criteria would include determining whether unregulated practice could cause harm and endanger the general welfare, and whether the public could reasonably be expected to benefit from an assurance of personal qualifications.

Haahr’s bill now awaits assignment to committee for further discussion.