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This Week in the Governor’s Office: Week of April 29, 2019

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Gov. Mike Parson closed out his workweek by traveling to Ozark Friday to assess the damages and ongoing recovery efforts from a tornado.

In a tweet, Parson said he met with homeowners whose houses were either damaged or destroyed by the tornado Tuesday. 

“Each described to me the help [and] support they received by first responders, neighbors, [and] their local community. Missouri helping Missourians. It’s who we are,” he said.

Parson also instructed the dome of the Missouri Capitol and the nearby Law Enforcement Memorial to be lit blue in honor of the state’s officers who have died in the line of duty. The dome and monument will shine blue from Friday through next week, the governor’s office said.

“Law enforcement officers in Missouri and throughout our nation protect us every day without second-guessing the potential impacts on them. They selflessly spring into action to maintain the safety of others, and sadly, some give their lives doing so,” Parson said in a statement. “Illuminating the Capitol and Law Enforcement Memorial blue is just one small way for us to show our sincere thanks to these brave men and women.”

This week, Parson celebrated the General Assembly passing alterations to joinder and venue and sending the legislation to his desk.

“Passing venue and joinder reform is a huge win and will provide long overdue relief to Missouri businesses that have been taken advantage of by rampant abuse our state’s legal system,” he said. “I look forward to signing these positive reforms to improve our state’s competitiveness, strengthen our legal climate, and bring fairness to our courtroom.”

Parson signed a proclamation designating May 2 as a Day of Prayer in the state.

“Ever since our forefathers called upon the colonies to pray for wisdom as our nation was being founded, the power of prayer has seen us through both good times and bad,” Parson said. “As governor, I pray that all Missourians will take time on this [day] to give thanks for the freedoms we should never take for granted.”

At the event at the Capitol, Parson met with Sidney Walton, a 100-year-old World War II veteran who is traveling to all 50 states to meet every governor and give Americans a chance to meet one of the last living World War II veterans. Parson was the 21st governor Walton has been able to meet on his journey.

Parson also traveled to Sedalia this week for a “groundbreaking ceremony on a new infrastructure project” at Katy Trail State Park. While in Sedalia, Parson also stopped at the Pettis County Courthouse.