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This Week in the Missouri PSC: December 6, 2017

PSC approves Missouri American Water’s $5.5 million ISRS increase

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Just three orders appeared before the Missouri Public Service Commission this week, all of which were approved within the 21-minute duration of the Wednesday meeting.

Two orders concerned Missouri American Water Company (MAWC), the first of which dealt with their request for a certificate of convenience and necessity to take over the sewer services for Radcliffe Place, located in St. Louis County. The area in question provides services to about 128 customers, and MAWC already provides water to the service area.

The PSC approved the granting of a CCN, and customers of the area will see a change in rates, rising from about $58 to $66.

The PSC also signed off on the Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge (ISRS) filing by MAWC, granting an increase of revenues in the amount of $5.5 million, an amount that was negotiated and agreed upon by all parties.

The final order issued concerned Ameren’s second filing to implement regulatory changes under the MEEIA program, and their November request to revise the Technical Resource Manual (TRM).

The proposed revisions are as follows:

  • Remove language and descriptions of iTRL, which is being deactivated
  • Revises the Pipe Insulation formula as agreed in the 2016 EM&V Stipulation
  • Adds SEER 16 CAC measures for the Multi-Family
  • Splits existing Electronically Commutated Motors (“ECMs”) into two separate measures to match the incentive structures
  • Updates incremental costs for Heat Pump Water Heaters.
  • The commission approved that order with a final 5-0 vote.

The PSC also had one item under case discussion for the day, which concerned a request for a change of supplier from Brandon Jessip, seeking to change from Empire District Electric to New-Mac Electric Cooperative. The majority of the commission seemed to agree that the request should be denied, but both Commissioners Scott Rupp and Maida Coleman spoke to the issues raised about customer service, arguing that it was key to the industry. Rupp said it was his opinion that Empire would lose nothing if New-Mac provided the service, noting that their service had been terminated and the pole, meter, and line had been removed. Both companies. The judge was given direction in the case, and the commission moved on to scheduling for the final weeks of the 2017 year.