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Treasurer Fitzpatrick celebrates 100 days in office


Press release

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick today celebrated 100 days in Office.

“Since being sworn-in in January, I have focused on continuing to be a good steward of Missouri’s tax dollars,” Fitzpatrick said. “This stewardship goes beyond ensuring your tax dollars are invested and spent wisely. As Treasurer, I want to ensure Missourians are prepared for a bright financial future by encouraging the use of programs that can help them save for the future. I am proud of what we have accomplished in 100 days—and I look forward to continuing to promote these valuable programs and protecting the state’s finances.”

Missouri FIRST: Upon taking Office, Treasurer Fitzpatrick immediately began working to reform the Missouri FIRST program to increase the long-term viability of the program, after a period of rapid growth that threatened to over-extend the program. These reforms returned the program to its initial purpose—investing in Missouri entrepreneurs and farmers. As part of his effort to sustain Missouri FIRST, Treasurer Fitzpatrick worked with Representative Jack Bondon and Senator Justin Brown on legislation that would raise the statutory cap on the program to $800 million.

MO ABLE: Today marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of the MO ABLE program in Missouri. Last week, Treasurer Fitzpatrick announced that the MO ABLE program reached 1,000 accounts. Treasurer Fitzpatrick also announced a partnership with CoxHealth that allows CoxHealth employees to use direct deposits from their paychecks into MO ABLE accounts. He continues to work with other employers across the state, including the Office of Administration, to implement similar programs that will make it easier for individuals with disabilities and their families to save tax free money without losing important benefits.

Treasurer Fitzpatrick is also working with Representative Jonathan Patterson and Senator Brian Williams on legislation to reduce bureaucratic hurdles to accessing the MO ABLE program.

Financial Literacy: Treasurer Fitzpatrick has encouraged Missourians to think about their spending habits and plan for their financial future. A significant part of these efforts has been promoting MOST 529, Missouri’s Education Plan, which allows Missourians to save money, tax free, for education-related expenses, while also receiving a state tax deduction. Throughout April, which is Financial Literacy Month, Treasurer Fitzpatrick traveled around the state promoting the program and encouraging Missourians to visit the Financial Literacy Portal.

Unclaimed Property: Treasurer Fitzpatrick returned the first $1 million in unclaimed property in just nine days, the fastest of any state treasurer in Missouri history. Whenever he speaks to groups across the state, he encourages them to search their name on to see if they are among the 1 in 10 Missourians who has unclaimed property waiting to be claimed.

Treasurer Fitzpatrick was sworn-in as Missouri’s 47th state treasurer on January 14, 2019.