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100+ List, Part 11


We have compiled our 2015 list of the 100+ people in the Missouri public policy process you need to know. A few changes have been made this year – media and legislative staff are not included, unless they were engaged as a campaign consultant as well.

By no means is this the complete list, and the names are in no particular order, but it would be a good start for someone beginning their career in Missouri politics of the people to get to know.

Also this year, instead of a website, we included each person’s twitter handle.

Lastly, thanks to our readers who helped us compile this year’s list – enjoy and please don’t hesitate to tell us who we missed at @MissouriTimes.


Part 11

david smith 1David Smith | Regional Vice President, Centurylink 
He seems to be purposefully quiet about it, but he is one of the most connected people in Jefferson City, and is rising fast within CenturyLink recently being promoted to Regional Vice President. You will walk into a coffee shop in Jefferson City and see top policy makers sitting with him like they have known each other for years, because they have. A Springfield native David started his career after playing basketball at the University of Rhode Island working with AIM before serving as Peter Kinder’s Chief of Staff.


deanna hemphillDeanna Hemphill | Lobbyist, Gate Way Group


Deanna is half of Jefferson City power couple alongside her husband Brent. She joined Gate Way Group from Michael Winter and has been a big reason why the firm has taken off in recent years, and represents a wide range of clients from professional associations to education issues.


erin browerErin Brower | Executive Director at Raise Your Hand for Kids


Erin is one of the most passionate people in the state capitol, and is a leading advocate for children and education funding in the state. She has also branched out and is helping lead an effort to pass a ballot initiative to raise tobacco taxes to pay for childhood programs.


jason klindtJason Klindt | Government Affairs, Kansas City Power & Light


Klindt comes from a political background, working his way up to a senior position with Axiom Strategies, and is now using that expertise working for KCP&L. Klindt is a very respected political operator especially amongst people in Kansas City circles. He has one of the best resume’s on the list working closely with Jeff Roe and is one of the most connected people in Kansas City.


kathi harnessKathi Harness | Managing Partner, Harness & Associates


Kathi Harness has a great deal of experience lobbying for a very stable list of clients and is a trusted professional with the utmost integrity. Some remember that she was one of the only lobbyist to see the republican majority coming in the late 90’s and made no friends with Democratic speakers by being one of the few lobbyist to support republican campiaigns.


nancy crossNancy Cross | Vice President, SEIU Local 1


One of the most powerful voices in labor and Democratic politics, Cross is now seeing some of her policy goals fulfilled at city halls instead of the statehouse, but either way there is movement, and some are looking to give credit to her and SEIU.


nancy giddensNancy Giddens | Chairman, The Giddens Group


Leading one of the fastest growing lobbying firms in Jefferson City The Gidden Group has put together a client list of labor and business as well as specific interest groups that grows each session. Nancy Giddens is respected by everyone in the capitol and seen as a professional role model to many.


richard mooreRichard Moore | Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Manager at CenturyLink


Richard is an attorney who has served in the legislative and executive branch developing an expertise in matter surrounding utility law while serving as the Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel to a former Chairman of the PSC. Moore has vast relationships in and around the capitol, and is someone who knows how everything connects in state government.


sarah feltsSarah Felts | Advocacy Coordinator, Missouri Nurses Association


She is one of the most effective advocates of any cause in the capitol. She helps her team keep the nursing lobby influential in every healthcare conversation in the state with her energy and on point message.


scott chartonScott Charton | Charton Communications


Charton is a former AP reporter who has brandished a new career in influencing how his former colleagues cover his clients. He has one of the most active social media accounts it the state, and has shown an ability to build relationships with reporters who enjoy his experience covering state politics.


shanon hawkShanon Hawk | Director of Legislaive Affairs, Armstrong Teasdale

For years she has been part of a very formidable duo alongside Jon Dalton. Hawk is an expert in every facet of the legislative process as well as several executive branch commission such as the certificate of need committee.


tom krewsonTom Krewson |Manager of Governmental Relations, Comcast


Krewson is one person who is not only respected, but liked by most everyone in the capitol. Known as honest and sincere he has a list of friends in the legislature that are very loyal to him and he represents a company in Comcast who is very successful in the legislature because of it.


travis smithTravis Smith | Axiom Strategies

Travis has worked at all levels of politics and government from the White House to the local level. He is currently in one of the biggest positions in the state working directly under Jeff Roe at Axiom one of the leading political consulting firms in the state and one of the fastest growing in the country. In his role at Axiom nearly everyone in Kansas City and every Republican in state politics needs to know him.