JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After 32 years in the Capitol, Larry Rohrbach will be retiring. Elected in a 1982 special election to the Missouri House of Representatives, Rohrbach entered a Capitol void of term limits. He went on to serve in the Senate starting in 1990 for three terms before finally leaving in 2002 thanks to term limits. After his 20 year legislative career, he joined his House and Senate colleague Franc Flotron at then-newly founded lobbying firm of Flotron & McIntosh.

Rohrbach, 1990 Senate Photo

Rohrbach was chair of the Senate Insurance and Housing Committee in the Senate, as well as vice-chair of Appropriations, Interstate Cooperation, and Ways and Means Committees. Colleagues admire Rohrbach for his dedication to reading legislation thoroughly in a less digital time and revered his dedication to conservatism, donning nicknames such as “The Abominable No-Man” and “Dr. No.” Firm principle Richard McIntosh said that Rohrbach was “conservative before conservative was cool.” Flotron said “it wouldn’t be fair to say that he was a conservative nay-sayer at all” because of the needs of his district, which includes prisons. House and Senate colleague Delbert Scott echoed Flotron, saying that Rohrbach “never forgot who he served.”

Despite his staunch philosophies, friends say Rohrbach did not sacrifice to become a lobbyist, though Flotron mentioned that some were surprised at the move.

His career contributed professionally to some of the younger members of the firm, who feel honored to have learned much of the trade from Rohrbach.

“Working with Larry since my very first day with Flotron & McIntosh has been one of the best experiences of my time in the business,” said Flortron & McIntosh associate Zach Brunnert said. “Larry not only could teach me the ins and outs of building, but could offer great historical background on why things are the way they are. He also taught me a thing or two about how to carry and conduct myself in the building. I could not have had a better person to learn from than Larry.”

Rohrbach with legislative colleagues
Rohrbach with legislative colleagues

The new retiree forewarned firm principals Franc Flotron and Richard McIntosh of his looming retirement, motivating his persuasive partners to turn the tables and try to lobby him against the idea, even going to his legislative assistant wife, Beth Rohrbach, in hopes she would persuade him.

Rohrbach lives and will continue to live in California, where he has the entirety of his service. He served Benton, Cole, Cooper, Hickory, Miller, Moniteau and Morgan Counties in the Senate.

McIntosh mentioned that Rohrbach will stay on their website as “Lobbyist Emeritus.”