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Bingaman going full-time at Public Eye


ST. LOUIS – Angela Bingaman, an established Democratic fundraiser from St. Louis, will be joining Richard Callow’s St. Louis Public Eye full-time.

Bingaman will be maintaining her fundraising clients as she enters her full-time role, which will include public relations. She looks forward to using the position as a creative outlet for her strong creative streak.

“My true passion is creative expression,” Bingaman said. “My degrees from Washington University are in English Literature, Political Science and Art History. My educational background supplements my intense interest in analyzing interpersonal relationships and creatively articulating my observations. Public Eye is the perfect platform for doing just that.”

Bingaman with daughter

The mom of two got her fundraising start in college, when she started fundraising for the alumni association at Washington University.

“I discovered an unnatural ability in asking for money while I was there,” said Bingaman, who’s fundraising motto is, “Hire me before your opposition does.”

None of her clients, including Mayor Francis Slay, Senator Jamilah Nasheed, Senator Scott Sifton, and more, have opposition.

From Washington University, Bingaman went to the Clint Zweifel campaign and beyond to various other Democrats from the St. Louis area. Skills gained throughout her career are what drew Callow to her.

“Going in to the 2016 and 2017 campaign seasons, I wanted to add a good knife-fighter to Public Eye’s arsenal,” Callow said. “Bingaman’s pen is a sharp-edged instrument.”

Bingaman will work on the website for Mayor Slay, with whom she has familiarity from her fundraising relationship, and for Public Eye’s stable of corporate clients.

“Writing for the Mayor is easy,” said Bingaman. “As his fundraiser, I have spent enough time with him to be readily able to translate his message.”

In her free time, Bingaman enjoys many hobbies, including cooking and reading. Her biggest and favorite hobby, however, are her two children, who are 3 and 4.

“If I wasn’t doing this, I would be on a beach in a sundress, writing poetry and working on growing out my Rapunzel-hair.”  

Bingaman is joining Anne Schweitzer, who is currently on leave working for the Clinton campaign in New Hampshire, at Public Eye.

Neither Callow nor Bingaman ruled out doing new political candidates or issue campaigns.