NAACP issues travel advisory for Missouri, saying civil rights could be in danger


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The NAACP has issued a travel advisory for those traveling in the Show-Me State due to the recent passage of Sen. Gary Romine’s SB 43 by the Missouri General Assembly this past session.

The NAACP says that “each individual should pay special attention while in the state of Missouri and certainly if contemplating spending time in Missouri.”

They say they want to make Missourians and visitors aware of “looming danger,” giving examples of race, gender, and color-based issues in the state.

The NAACP points to the statistics showing an increasing trend of traffic stops for African Americans, who are 75 percent more likely to be stopped than their Caucasian counterparts.

They also pointed to examples of racism and discrimination, including some instances that were violent or deadly in nature, including threats made during the protests that became a national spotlight on the University of Missouri campus.

“Warn your families, co-workers and anyone visiting Missouri to beware of the safety concerns with travel in Missouri, notify members of your trade associations, social and civic organizations that they are traveling and living in Missouri at their own risk and subject to unnecessary search seizure and potential arrest, and file and seek help on any existing claims for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and whistleblowing ASAP before your legal rights are lost if Senate Bill 43 is not vetoed by Governor Greitens.”

The NAACP’s travel advisory is effective immediately until at least August 28.