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Army veteran Aaron McMullen announces state representative campaign

Hailing from Jackson County, veteran Aaron McMullen has announced his campaign for state representative. This district is currently found within the city of Independence. The only Republican currently announced, McMullen is aiming to win his primary and challenge the Democratic incumbent in the general election this November.

“Our district deserves to be represented with values that reflect the voters living here. Parents are fed up with ‘woke’ ideology like Critical Race Theory creeping into our public schools. This curriculum has been exposed for what it really is: Marxist propaganda. As your next state representative, I will work to restore our schools as places of learning, not indoctrination,” said McMullen. 

The notion of service is a key element of McMullen’s campaign: A veteran of the Army Airborne Infantry, he was deployed to serve in Afghanistan. He has served as a youth pastor with his church, Independence Christian Center, and currently serves as a contract administrator for national defense. Now, he hopes to bring that calling of service to the Missouri legislature.

“I took an oath in the Army to defend our Constitution at home and abroad. That oath led me to serve in Afghanistan. Now, that same commitment is motivating me to run for state representative. I’m calling on patriots to join me in defending our Constitution from socialism and tyranny right here in Missouri.”

With a list of ideas he intends to take to the state capitol, he has given special attention to high-profile conservative concerns: law and order, national security, and the pro-life movement.

“President Biden is more concerned (or confused) with micro-managing our lives as opposed to keeping our nation safe. I am appalled at his disastrous mishandling of the Afghanistan situation and exhausted by his lame rhetoric. Our law enforcement officers have been told by liberals that they are racist and unwelcome. Meanwhile, abortion activists are more emboldened than ever before. Enough is enough! It is time to end this dystopian narrative and get back to believing in the American Way.”

McMullen brands himself as a proud life-long conservative. Raised in Jackson County, McMullen attended Blue Springs High School and earned his associate of arts degree through the Blue River campus of MCC. He holds a master’s degree in Legal Studies and another master’s degree in Public Administration. This academic background has fueled his passion for defending constitutional rights.

“We’ve seen big government liberals come after our core liberties right here in Missouri. The charade is over. They want to take your guns. They want your parental rights stripped away. They want dissenting opinions silenced and ‘fact-checked’ off of every major platform we use to communicate. They want to be able to shut down your places of worship as they deem fit. They want to control your life. And they are working every day to get what they want. As state representative, I will ensure our civil liberties are protected so that my daughters—and all our children—can grow up in a free United States. We must be proactive in preserving our American values and put an end to this leftist extremism.”

Aaron McMullen has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.