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Association Profile: Missouri Alliance for Freedom

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo — The Missouri Alliance for Freedom is one of the newest grassroots liberty organizations to form in Missouri.  The organization is headed by its president Ryan Johnson, who has been involved in Missouri politics for the better part of ten years and is also a veteran of the armed forces.

The organization states on the front page of its pamphlet that its goals are “to protect and grow individual, religious, and economic liberty throughout Missouri.”

Johnson told the Missouri Times that they are “founded and funded by Missourians and focus primarily on the Missouri legislature at this point.”

When asked how the organization operates and tries to achieve its goals, Johnson said, “We try to be here every day as a watchdog or an observer … we pay a very close eye.”

“We have a top thirty that we are monitoring, we are very much interested in tax cuts, we’ve been following SB 509, Rep. TJ Berry’s  HB1253, and we are also following the right to work bill very closely” Johnson told The Missouri Times.

“Some organizations limit themselves to primarily focus on economic or fiscal issues, we also focus on social issues” Johnson said about his organization.

When asked about growing liberty movements across the country Johnson said “There have been a number of these groups popping up, and I think its a response to the overreach and the encroachment of not just the federal government but at a state level as well”.

As for the organization and its goals moving forward, “we want to build a strong grassroots base and following,” Johnson said.

Missouri Alliance for Freedom also plans on releasing score cards based on different legislators effectiveness as it relates to supporting liberty.