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Berry for Congress announces staff and consultants


Paul Berry III Congressional Exploratory Committee



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE-September 23, 2015

ST. LOUIS, MO– Paul Berry III Congressional Exploratory Committee announces hiring executive staff and political consulting firm.  Paul Berry III has tapped Missouri Republican Party Committeeman Chris Grahn-Howard to serve as Executive Director of Berry’s congressional exploratory committee.  “Chris has a unique and diverse political background and understands the challenges facing the citizens of Missouri’s 1st Congressional District,” says Berry.  “I am very excited and have full confidence in Chris running my congressional exploratory committee.”

Berry has also hired Jennifer Bird and Tom Smith, each as Deputy Executive Director of Paul Berry III Congressional Exploratory Committee.  “I am proud of the exploratory committee executive staff we’ve brought together,” states Berry.  “Jennifer has a solid reputation of spearheading grassroots efforts in St. Louis and throughout Missouri.”  “Tom has a wealth of Federal-level political consulting experience dating back to the 1980s.”  “The combination of Chris Howard, Jennifer Bird and Tom Smith steering my exploratory committee shall be a force to be reckoned with.”  

Berry has also selected Victory Enterprises to provide political consulting services to Paul Berry III Congressional Exploratory Committee.  Based in Davenport Iowa, Victory Enterprises is a leading GOP-leaning consulting firm representing political committees in several states, including committees associated with the Missouri Governor and Secretary of State race during the 2016 election cycle.  “Victory Enterprises retains a great mix of establishment and grassroot GOP political operatives,” says Berry.  “Victory will serve as a force-multiplier on behalf of my committee’s executive team during my exploratory committee phase.”

Since Berry announced the launch of his congressional exploratory committee last June, his exploratory team has established a network of donors, grassroot operatives and GOP stakeholders throughout Missouri.  Also, Berry has founded two Federal Political Action Committees, No Way Clay PAC and Paul Berry III Leadership PAC.  Berry intends to joint fundraise with his congressional exploratory committee, No Way Clay PAC and his Federal Leadership PAC over the next few months and continue to consolidate GOP support throughout Missouri and the United States in preparation for a potential congressional run in 2016.

Berry has until March 2016 to declare his decision to run for the St. Louis-based U.S. Congressional seat currently held by Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay.  “Missouri’s 1st Congressional District is for the most part in despair on so many levels in comparison to the rest of the United States,” says Berry.  “Congressman Lacy Clay has continued to support failed political policies and has not displayed the leadership necessary to carry the day in Ferguson, in North St. Louis County or in the City of St. Louis.”  “St. Louis has paid her debt to retired Congressman Bill Clay by giving his son Lacy several terms in Congress.”  “It’s time for a change in management.”

Berry’s next published fundraising event is this October 2 at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Downtown St. Louis.  RSVP with Berry’s congressional exploratory committee is required for members of the public to attend.






For more information please contact Paul Berry III Congressional Exploratory Committee at 314-308-6040.