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Blunt faults Biden Administration inaction on baby formula shortage

WASHINGTON – At the weekly Republican leadership press conference today, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) criticized the Biden administration’s mishandling of the baby formula shortage, which is impacting families in Missouri and across the nation.

Following Are Blunt’s Remarks:“Well, with the baby formula issue, another example that hits a whole other group of American families that often aren’t thinking about the big economic issues of the day, just making a decision without thinking about the consequences.“Since about January 1, the FDA knew that there was potentially a problem at one of the big manufacturers of baby formula. About 60 days later, they shut that down, or negotiated a shutdown of that factory. That is still not established up until today, the likelihood that the factory and the problem they were trying to solve, were the right factory.“But, more importantly, you can’t eliminate maybe 40% of the supply, and not have impact. I was talking to somebody the other day who spent four hours in the car, went to six different stores to try to get the unique baby formula that their baby had to have. Talk about stress for families.“You know, you can look at things, $28 million, I think, is what the House is talking about now. Whether it’s $28 million, or $228 million, it won’t make any difference tomorrow, won’t make any difference probably a week from tomorrow.“Looking at every option before you make that decision, like eliminating tariffs on Western European baby formula that meets all our standards, would have been something that the administration could have easily done months ago before the shelf supply in store after store after store went away.”

To watch Blunt’s full remarks please click, here.