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Bondon elected as MHFRC chair


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Jack Bondon, R-Belton, was elected as the Chair of the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee (MHFRC) at their scheduled meeting Monday morning. He was appointed to the committee in February by House Speaker Todd Richardson and will replace William Krodinger as chair.

“I am humbled and honored by the faith my colleagues have placed in me to lead this important committee,” Bondon said. “This is not a job that I have sought, but sometimes in life, a person is called upon to take a position of leadership and so I stand ready and willing to serve the people of our Great State in this capacity.”

The board was created in 1980 to regulate the development of health facilities in order to maintain current hospital costs and smaller facilities are not priced out of the market. The MHFRC functions by approving or denying applications for a Certificate of Need, that says that a certain facility can be built or expanded. Regular meetings are led by a chairperson, which will now be Bondon.


“First, and most importantly to me, Missourians must demand, and can expect from us, to strive for the highest quality health care for all of our citizens especially our seniors and those most in need across our state,” Bondon said. “Second, Missouri will have a fair and friendly regulatory environment that is open to growth and attracts investment into our state.”

Bondon’s election comes at a needed time for the MHFRC. Their meeting on Monday was the first time they were able to meet since September.

“While I serve as chairman, this committee will be run efficiently, effectively, and ethically. I have great confidence in the members of this group to do so,” he said. “The citizens of our state can be assured that each of us will diligently research the issues before us and make the best decisions we can in order to serve them.”

Bondon was first elected to the House in 2014.