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Posts published in “This Week in Missouri Politics”

TWMP: Midweek Update – January 25, 2023

Listen in as Scott Faughn gives his midweek update. Scott talks about some of the hot button issues going in both chambers, including this weeks Senate hearings. 

TWMP: Midweek Update – January 3, 2023

Listen in as Scott starts the New Year with is first Midweek Update in 2023. Scott recaps some important moments in Missouri politics during the past year.

This Week in Missouri Politics Column: The Mike Parson employment agency — Attorney General

The State of Missouri has an opening for Attorney General. The job requires experience in prosecution, politics, and government administration. The ideal candidate would commit to serving in the position for a while before seeking promotion, and it would be outstanding if the successful applicant focused more on dragging sex offenders, not school board members into court.