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Cole County Commission awards economic deal to Victory Enterprises and Strategic Capitol Consulting


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Cole County Commission is parting ways with the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce.

In a decision Tuesday night, the commission voted 2-1 to award an economic deal to two consulting companies – Victory Enterprises and Strategic Capitol Consulting – effectively ending the decades-long partnership with JCACC on Dec. 31 of this year.

Eastern District Commissioner Jeff Hoelscher and Western District Commissioner Kris Scheperle voted to hire Victory/Strategic, with Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman voting against.

“Victory Enterprises and Strategic Capitol Consulting will bring local experience and national reach to our region’s economic development efforts,” Commissioner Kris Scheperle said. “We look forward to working collaboratively with their teams and all stakeholders, including the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, to create jobs and opportunities through potential projects like the port and many others.”

The two consultant companies will be awarded $120,000 to foster economic development within Cole County in the coming year.

The bid from Victory and Strategic was $48,000 per year lower than the Jefferson City Chamber’s bid.

“We are proud of the results our economic development efforts have produced over the last decade working together with the City of Jefferson, Cole County, and the private sector,” JCACC President and CEO Randy Allen wrote in a statement. “Working together, we have created over 2,000 jobs, $97 Million in new wages, and $272 Million in new real and personal property investment through a very challenging economic cycle. These jobs and wages directly impact area businesses and the quality of life while the increase in property investment and new wages have had a substantial positive impact to tax revenues for the City, County and Schools.”