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Committee approves seven questions for dispensary applications

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Advisory Committee on Dispensary Facility Experience for the Medical Marijuana Division of the Department of Health and Senior Services met Wednesday afternoon to approve questions on the dispensary application. The committee unanimously approved the seven questions.

About a dozen from the public came to witness the committee’s brief 17-minute review, slight discussion, and approval of the application questions for those interested in obtaining a license to open a medical marijuana dispensary.

Andy Fechtel of Fechtel Beverage, DHSS Division of Community and Public Health Deputy Ken Palermo, and state Rep. Jim Neely comprised the committee, moderated by Medical Marijuana Division counsel Richard Moore.

Questions are to be rated by committees between 1 and 4, with 1 being slightly important and 4 being critically important, in the hearings so far. The seven featured questions for this committee were rated as either slightly important (1), important (2), or highly important (3).

The questions are as follows, with the question number in parentheses before and the rating in parentheses following:

  • (127) Describe how the proposed location will be suitable for the facility. (3)
  • (128) Will you have an employee training program for providing education and/or counseling on how your product(s) may interact with a qualified patient’s condition? If yes, describe. (3)
  • (129) Describe how the dispensary will be accessible to patients, including but not limited to, patient access to parking and public transportation. (2)
  • (130) Describe any plans you have to deliver medical marijuana to patients offsite. (1)
  • (131) Provide a schedule of proposed hours of operation. (2)
  • (132) Do you have experience in healthcare as it relates to the dispensing of medicinal or therapeutic products? (3)
  • (133) Will the facility have a physician or pharmacist retained for consultation by their clients, if needed? (3)

This was the second hearing of the 10 hearing series covering 144 questions.

No new questions were posed to be added for dispensary applications, nor were any questions amended.

All rules must be finalized by June 4. The department will begin accepting facility license applications on August 3. Dispensaries require a non-refundable $6,000 application fee. Those dispensaries whose applications are approved will have a $10,000 annual license fee.