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Dentons goes nationwide


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Top flight lobbying firm Dentons announced Wednesday it will be expanding its state-based public policy and advocacy network into 44 new states, dubbed Dentons 50. The Dentons 50 network seeks to be a comprehensive, centralized resource for businesses with complex, multi-state policy matters.

Brian Grace of Dentons’ Missouri team said the expansion will give the firm an ability to streamline resources and provide more benefits for clients.

“We will now have a network of top-tier lobbyists in each state,” Grace said. “We are already going to have those people on the ground and I’ll be able to focus on our work in Missouri while having a coordinated strategy with our lobbyists in other states.”


Dentons will provide the same services currently provided by Missouri’s team, including legislative lobbying, contract procurement, and administration-level government affairs through the expanded network.

“No single professional services firm has been able to provide a full-service, 50-state public policy and advocacy solution for clients until now,” said Eric Tanenblatt, co-leader of Dentons’ US Public Policy and Regulation practice. “The broad array of public policy challenges faced by national and global businesses are unprecedented, and often cross state lines and become national in scope. Dentons 50 offers a one-stop resource for effective engagement and management of policy matters in every statehouse in the United States, with the local expertise to ensure effective advocacy.”

Grace said the growth will expand resources, networks, and clients, which will in-turn provide more benefits for clients and lobbyists.

Dentons previously served in 6 states.

Dentons 50 will be led by Amy Odom, principal in the firm’s Public Policy and Regulation practice, who is a veteran of multi-state and federal governmental affairs advocacy and campaign experience. Odom is supported by the firm’s 33 former elected and appointed officials and advisors from across the US, including former mayors, governors, state legislators, state attorney generals and state senators, among others.