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Dolan leaves Missouri Health Care Association

— Per a release from Missouri Health Care Association President Timothy Francka, Executive Director Jon Dolan left the Association Aug. 20 after eight years.

Jon Dolan, former MHCA Executive Director
Jon Dolan, former MHCA Executive Director

Currently there is no replacement set for Dolan’s spot, and until a replacement is found Lorie Towe, MHCA Director of Regulatory Affairs, will be the Interim Executive Director.

Dolan told The Missouri Times that long-term health care and government will continue to be a priority and passion for him.

“Jon Dolan has served the Association with energy and skill, and we wish him well with his future endeavors,” Francka said in the MHCA release about Dolan’s departure.

Prior to working with the MHCA, Dolan served as a three-term representative in the Missouri House and former state Senator.

“They were literally in shambles and getting nowhere with the Republican majority when they brought him in.” former House Speaker Rod Jetton — who was in control of the House when Dolan was brought in — said. “It was not going well for them, and Jon came in and turned the ship around. He educated legislators on the real issues, got the nursing home owners engaged with representatives and got them more funding, ultimately. […]Whoever ends up picking him up will be very fortunate to have him. He understands the chess game of the legislature beautifully.”

Neither Dolan nor the MHCA release said explicitly that he was released, just that he was leaving the Association.

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