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Gov. Nixon signs bills relating to local governments and motor vehicles 


JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon today signed a number of bills relating to local governments and motor vehicles. The Governor signed into law:

Senate Bill 87, requiring that a petitioner for a state audit of a political subdivision reside or own real property within that subdivision;

Senate Bill 539, which grants authority for a county commission, or a designated county officer of its choosing, to provide passport services when the circuit clerk declines to do so;

House Bill 511, exempting from the St. Louis County Boundary Commission review process annexations that have been approved by a majority of property owners and by a municipality that is a service provider of both water and sanitary sewer;

House Bill 125 and Senate Bill 68 allowing board members of municipal industrial development corporations in St. Francois County to live outside the city limits of the municipality, as long as they are taxpayers and voters in the county;

House Bill 524, allowing the Department of Revenue to implement an electronic lien release system for motor vehicles, trailers, boats, outboard motors and manufactured homes; and

House Bill 869, codifying the Department of Revenue’s current policy relating to sales and use tax exemptions on motor vehicles, trailers, and boats owned by not-for-profit organizations and businesses that are ceasing operations.