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Greitens is the focus of all-panel show on This Week in Missouri Politics


A panel takes center stage on This Week in Missouri Politics where no topic is off-limits.

Host Scott Faughn is joined by Representatives Tracy McCreery, Kathie Conway and Jane Evans along with attorney Jane Dueker, as the governor — particularly his admitted affair and alleged blackmail — is the main topic of discussion.

“Right now there is such a dark cloud hanging over that state,” McCreery said, “that we are going to be unable to do our work.”

On Wednesday night, St. Louis television station KMOV reported that Gov. Eric Greitens had a sexual relationship with his then-hairdresser — the governor has confirmed the affair — and took partial nude photo of the woman, while she was restrained and blindfolded, with the intention of guaranteeing her silence — Greitens denies the allegation of blackmail. The report is based off a recording the woman’s ex-husband made after the March 2015 incident, where the unnamed woman describes the affair.

“The affair is not the issue,” according to Dueker. “It’s the alleged blackmail, the alleged assault. If these are crimes they need to be investigated.”

They agree that the allegations are serious. Serious enough that Faughn broached the subject of impeachment and Greitens ability to govern.

“My concern is that if he remains in office, that it is just going to cause us to not to be able to get things done,” McCreery said.

Check out the full broadcast to see the full discussion on the scandal, along with an analysis of the “awkward” State of the State address and other issues in the Capitol. Sunday morning episodes can be streamed at