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Hawley calls situation with Greitens ‘very grave’ in FOX NEWS interview


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Attorney General Josh Hawley is continuing his hardened stance in regard to the investigations against Gov. Eric Greitens.

Appearing on The Story with Martha MacCallum, Hawley addressed questions regarding the U.S. Senate race, saying that incumbent Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill votes party lines every time, but the topic of the conversation quickly switched to Greitens.

As Attorney General, Hawley has investigated some of the claims against the Republican governor, though Hawley seemingly has sought to distance himself from the embattled governor as he seeks the U.S. Senate seat in recent weeks. Still, some have criticized the Attorney General for his investigations, saying his office took it easy on Greitens, particularly in the case of his office’s investigation of the use of the Confide app.

“I’ve soft-pedaled nothing. I take my responsibilities as Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer very seriously,” he said. “This is bad for the state, there’s no way around it.”

When asked whether he believed the Governor should step down, Hawley responded, saying that he didn’t want to say anything to compromise the investigation, but called the situation “very grave.”

MacCallum also asked Hawley if Greitens was one of the 15 entities that had been subpoenaed, as he had announced last week, but Hawley said he had better not say who all had been subpoenaed.

“We will subpoena anyone and everyone who is relevant to this investigation, and we will not stop until we get all of the facts,” he said. “And we will not be put off by any invocation of executive privilege or anything else. We will get the facts.”

Watch the interview here.