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GOP cries foul over Democrat filing as a Republican for state Senate


Some conservatives are calling an elected-Democrat filing to run for state office as a Republican an attempt to disrupt the primary and steal votes.

On the last day of filing, Scot Van Meter, Buchanan County’s Democrat assessor, jumped into the race for Senate District 34 as a Republican. He joined Tony Luetkemeyer and Harry Roberts on the GOP ballot and the three will face off in the August primary.

“I’m running for State Senate to take on the political insiders like Tony Luetkemeyer, and the liberal career politicians like Scott Van Meter. Missouri faces many challenges, and we need elected officials that can make tough decisions and do the right thing instead of worrying about getting re-elected,” said Roberts. “Voters will see through this scheme. They want a pro-life, pro-gun, conservative, small businesses owner, not a lifelong Democrat.

“It’s no surprise that the liberals are up to their dirty tricks to try and slow down our conservative campaign for State Senate. Unfortunately for Scott Van Meter, Jefferson City is already full of hot air and liberal career politicians. The last thing we need is another liberal politician who has spent the past 18-years ripping off the taxpayers by continually voting to increase his own pay, then inflating that salary.”

Roberts was elected Republican Presiding Commissioner of Buchanan County in 2014 and also serves as president of the Northwest Missouri Republican Club.

A 15th Ward Committeewoman for the Buchanan County Republican Central Committee called it “shameful” for a someone who is currently an elected Democrat officeholder to “masquerade” as a Republican.

“This lifelong liberal Democrat is simply trying to disrupt the Republican primary and steal votes from proven conservative Harry Roberts,” said Kristi Green. She went on to urge the Missouri Republican Party to put an end to the “sham.”

Term-limited Sen. Rob Schaaf, who is the current holder of the hotly contested seat, took to Twitter to note his displeasure and cry foul.