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Here are Missouri elected officials’ go-to State Fair foods

With the State Fair underway, Missourians are excited to get back to their favorite fair foods — and the state’s elected officials are no exception.

From burgers and steak to deep-fried Twinkies and funnel cakes, here’s a look at the go-to options for Missouri officials.

Gov. Mike Parson

Cheeseburger from the Missouri Cattleman’s Association Beef House 

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe

Chocolate milk at the Missouri Farm Bureau Building. Second lady Claudia Kehoe’s favorite is the corndog.  

Attorney General Eric Schmitt

Deep-fried Oreos or candied bacon 

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft

Funnel cakes and strawberry milkshakes

Auditor Nicole Galloway 

Pulled pork

Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick


Sen. Dave Schatz

If I’m looking for fair foods that I always enjoy, I’m going to go with corndogs, but I am a big fan of beef and nothing beats a ribeye steak from the Beef House. 

Sen. John Rizzo

I’ve always been a sucker for a funnel cake.

Sen. Holly Rehder

Fried Oreos and fried Twinkies 

Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin

Steak from the Missouri Cattleman’s Association Beef House 

Sen. Mike Moon

Footlong chilidog 

Sen. Lincoln Hough

Steak sandwich at the Beef House with my Cattlemen!

Sen. Lauren Arthur

I’m happiest with a corn dog in one hand and a vanilla ice cream cone in the other.

Rep. Crystal Quade

Fried Oreos

Rep. Hannah Kelly

 Ice cream

Rep. Wayne Wallingford


Rep. Brad Pollitt

Tater Tot Mess from Jackson’s and tenderloin from Turck’s Place

Rep. Travis Smith

Cheeseburgers made with local beef cooked by the VFW