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Opinion: John Brunner, the citizen senator Missouri needs


When Republican candidates set their sights on Washington, D.C., what they tell us to get our votes and what they do when they get there are two different things.

They tell us they are pro-life, they support the Second Amendment, and they will reduce the skyrocketing national debt. Then, when they think we’re not looking, they pass bump stock bans and massive omnibus spending bills that fund Planned Parenthood. They tell us ladder-climbing politicians in Washington have been there for far too long, and then climb those same ladders to higher office themselves. They speak of their dedication to family and high values, only to turn around and cheat on their spouses.

Surely, there must be someone in this country who doesn’t mislead the people just to further a personal agenda. There is. His name is John Brunner.

John is a lifelong, third-generation Missourian. At a young age, John enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, going off to serve our country as an infantry officer. Upon returning home, John took over the family business, Vi-Jon, the creators of Germ-X. In three decades, he made it a nationwide leader in the industry. He is a family man, married to his wife Jan for more than 44 years, with three children and 13 grandchildren. John is by far the best choice the people of Missouri can make to be our U.S. senator in 2022.

John truly supports the “America First” agenda. He is an advocate of policies that would focus on efforts back home and not policing the rest of the world. As a former Marine, John is an articulate advocate for ending endless wars and bringing our troops home. His advocacy for these brave men and women goes beyond policy, though. John has been committed to assisting our wounded veterans and their families for years through charitable and other private means. Someone who will care for service members, through both legislation and his own private life, is the voice we need for our military.

Through the successful management of his family business, John has created hundreds of jobs in Missouri. He has seen firsthand how harmful the effects of big government regulations are on businesses, job creation, and the economy. Despite this, Vi-Jon has still supported the community by making tremendous charitable donations, such as sending truckloads of sanitization products to the relief efforts when Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. John understands the need to slash the regulations that harm our businesses, our state, and our local communities.

John is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine men you will ever meet. He will always give you an honest answer rather than what he thinks you want to hear. Even when opponents personally attack his character and integrity, John remains calm and respectful. In a political climate of childish behavior, we need statesmen like John who will stand firm while maintaining a level of respect for allies and opponents alike.

As someone who has never held office, John poses the largest threat to the establishment in Washington. In 2012, former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill specifically called the politician she wanted to face, “the most conservative congressman in Missouri,” knowing that Republicans would choose him to face her. She knew that John Brunner as the nominee would end her swamp career and did not want to face him. In 2022, this will ring true again in that the candidate chosen by the establishment will want John out of the race.

Above all, John’s Christian and family values are the best thing he can bring to the halls of Congress. His Christian testimony, hard work ethic, and missionary work span the globe, as he has “traveled the world in support of Christian missions and relief organizations.”

Now, more than ever, it’s time for Missouri to send a citizen senator to Washington. That man is John Brunner.