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July 2019 filings: Campaigns, candidates for Missouri legislature building war chests for 2020


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With more than one year until the 2020 primary election, candidates and campaigns are working to build up war chests. Some are infusing large amounts of their own cash while others have amended their committee statements to increase the donation caps ahead of an official announcement. 

On Monday, committees and campaigns filed there third quarterly reports for the cycle. The July filings cover the political action committee (PAC) and campaigns, statewide electeds, House, and Senate

Here is a breakdown of the filings from the General Assembly and campaigns. 


In the Senate, Sen. Lauren Arther brought in the most with $100,664.25 ($194,904.54 cash on hand), followed by Rep. Steve Roberts with $72,970 ($76,181.98 cash on hand), Rep. Deb Lavender with $55,852.59 ($117,538.16 cash on hand), David Cole with $41,050 ($40,870 cash on hand), and Rep. Doug Beck with $29,264.25  ($106,617.17 cash on hand). 

Roberts, who is running for Senate in the 5th district, loaned his campaign $50,000, and Cole loaned his committee $20,000 this quarter. 

In the race to replace term-limited Sen. Wayne Wallingford, both Republican candidates —  Reps. Holly Redher and Kathy Swan — are building sizable war chests. Rehder has about $179,902 cash on hand whereas Swan has more than $125,745. 


In the House, Rep. Rory Rowland brought in the most with $100,100 ($112,091.97 cash on hand). He is followed by Trish Gunby with $46,547.75 ($44,162.98 cash on hand), Terry Thompson with $26,601.70 ($26,577.25 cash on hand), then David Smith with $23,750 ($85,790.66 cash on hand), and Rep. Curtis Trent with $17,975 ($37,959.66 cash on hand). 

Of those in the race for floor leader, Rep. Dean Plocher has the most cash on hand with $128,422.72. He brought in $1,163.89 this quarter.

Though Trent did the best this quarter, raking in $17,975, Rep. Chuck Basye brought in $8,679.67 — upping his cash on hand to $18,639.55. Rep. J. Eggleston raised $3,050 to bring him to $41,511.94. Rep. David Gregory brought in $15.07 and has $933.89 cash on hand. 


It may not be an election year — excluding local level and special elections — but committees are still spending big. 

Unite STL doled out the most at $601,553.29, leaving the committee with $98,905.81. CLEAN Missouri spent $71,502, leaving $58,027.06 in its war chest. The Committee to Protect the Rights of Victims of Rape & Incest has $956,633.67 cash on hand after spending $43,306.33.