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Letter to the editor — Lembke: “Invoking Scripture to justify Medicaid expansion is just wrong”


(In response to a recent column; “Standing in the gap for working Missourians” written by Governor Nixon and Dr. Jim Hill.)

I always get a big kick out of liberal politicians and liberal theologians that take Holy Scripture out of context to push their political agenda.

Lest the Governor and Dr. Hill forget, the Nation of Israel was a theocracy. They were a people governed by the God of the Old testament and their priest were central to the civil society and the application of the law.

The prophet Ezekiel (used by Gov. Nixon as his example) was sent to the people of Israel to proclaim this message, from God Himself. “Her priest have violated My law and profaned My holy things; they have not distinguished between holy and unholy. They have hidden their eyes from My Sabbath.” Way down the list in chapter 22 of Ezekiel, there is a mention about the mistreatment of the poor and the needy.

I would challenge Governor Nixon and Dr. Hill to point to one verse of scripture that would support the concept that it was the responsibility of Rome or any over government of the day to provide for the poor and needy.

On the contrary, it is the church and individual Christians that are responsible to care for their neighbors and to be their brothers keeper. This is to be done through Christian charity, not government force.

At the end of Ezekiel chapter 22, the prophet seeks out a man that would “stand in the gap, on behalf of the land” so that God would not destroy it, none was found.

The expansion of Medicaid is one of the pillars of obamacare. All I am asking is that Governor Nixon and Dr. Hill not hide behind God’s word to push their agenda and socialized medicine.

Jim Lembke
United for Missouri