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Local taxation interim committee sets first hearing for Kansas City


Lawmakers in the Missouri House are set to hear from Kansas City residents on property taxes and — time permitting — internet sales and other local taxation issues.

On Aug. 12, the Interim Committee on Oversight of Local Taxation is scheduled to hold a hearing at the Metropolitan Community College Business and Technology campus in Kansas City. 

According to Rep. J. Eggleston, the Republican committee chair, the primary topic of the hearing will be property taxes, with an emphasis on the recent Jackson County assessment issue. 

Many Jackson County residents saw dramatic increases to their property-value assessment. More than 20,000 people filed informal appeals. One person saw the market value of her property climb from $43,000 to $108,000, an increase of $65,000, KSHB-TV reported last month. 

The committee, time permitting, will also hear discussion on a potential internet sales/use tax and any other local taxation issues. The first public hearing held by the committee is scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and end no later than 5 p.m.

Eggleston said the Interim Committee on Oversight of Local Taxation will hold multiple hearings over the next few months to take testimony from citizens, businesses, and government officials on the impact of property taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, earnings taxes, and any other taxes under the heading of local taxation. He noted the goal of the committee is to learn more about how current taxation methods affect Missourians and explore possible improvements to those methods to better serve taxpayers and our state.