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Lt. Gov’s ‘Buy Missouri’ plan puts focus on local goods and services

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor is preparing to unveil his new initiative in the coming weeks, meant to promote the purchasing of Missouri-made products.

Lt. Gov. Mike Parson’s program, called Buy Missouri, plans to encourage Missouri residents and companies to purchase products made in the Show-Me State.

Speaking at the Missouri Farm Bureau Agritourism Conference in July, Parson said his office would begin the new initiative in August, but that vision has not been fully realized nearly a month later.

In an emailed letter to his supporters, Parson said this:

“Soon, I will be rolling out my Buy Missouri program, touring businesses across the state and highlighting the many products that are made by Missouri businesses and sold to consumers around the nation.  My hope is that I can work with businesses across the state to direct more attention to the bounty of Missouri-made products, encouraging consumers to take a closer look when they are shopping and try to purchase more products that support the local economy, leading to more job creation.”

On the Lt. Gov.’s website, there is a web page set up for the “Buy Mo!” initiative, featuring the following graphic and statement:

Lieutenant Governor Parson actively promotes Missouri products and businesses. As a result, the Office of Lieutenant Governor has created a “Buy MO!” advertising campaign to further advocate for items made within the borders of Missouri.

One thing the Buy Missouri initiative intends to do is highlight companies and consolidate a list of Missouri products for consumers to follow. As of right now, the list features Quaker Windows and Diamond Pet Food, with links to the following videos.

Parson’s office is expected to meet with chambers of commerce and civic groups over the course of the coming months in order to prepare public trade shows beginning in the winter or spring.