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Missouri farmers, ranchers join together to advocate lawmakers


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri agriculturalists stepped away from tilling, planting, and calving to advocate their state lawmakers on issues they see as vital.

Members from Missouri Farmers Care, the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, the Missouri Pork Association, and other agricultural groups joined forces in Jefferson City.

“This is an important day, and we got a great turn out,” said Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst.

The issues they are focusing on? Legislation dealing with property rights.

The group is focusing on two topics set to come in the chambers on Tuesday. The House is set to take up HB 1062, which would bar private transmission lines from utilizing eminent domain. The Senate is set to take up SB 391, which would require county regulations on concentrated animal feeding operations to be no more stringent than state law and regulations.

“Those are what we are concentrating on today because those are ones going to be worked on,” said Hurst. “We got groups all around the building…people are really engaging. It’s been fun to walk these halls and see them interacting with senators and representatives.”  

He added that is was a “good day for democracy” with people interacting with their representatives and sharing their views and stances on issues.