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Newman Introduces “Save Our Kids Act”



Teens Demanding Adults Do Something Prompted Legislation


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Rep. Stacey Newman (D-Richmond Heights) has filed “Save Our Kids Act”, HB2554.


“How many kids do we need to lose to gun violence before our legislature is serious about saving lives? “Save Our Kids Act” simplifies numerous gun violence prevention proposals that Missourians in every zip code overwhelmingly want in law,” says Rep. Newman.


Demanded by St. Louis teens after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the Act includes several bills Newman has filed separately for years which will save lives and what Missourians overwhelmingly want in law:



HB1340 – Extreme Risk Protection Orders (also known as a “Red Flag” bill)

Already in law in California, Oregon, Washington, Connecticut & Indiana.

Establishes ERPOs, which temporarily seize firearms on the basis of domestic or gun violence complaints by any citizen and establishes temporary gun seizure warrants with a hearing process in 14 days.


HB1341 – Background Checks for All Gun sales/transfers

All firearm transfers and sales must be conducted through a federally licensed firearm dealer, closing the loophole of internet sales and those at gun shows (over 80% of Missourians want this).


HB2081 – Prohibits transfers of fully automatic weapons

Bans the sale or transfer of all fully automatic and some semi-automatic firearms and bans the sale or transfer of magazines with a capacity of more than ten bullets


HB1342 – Prohibits transfers or sale of ammunition to minors

Penalty provisions for the selling of ammunition to minors, mirroring federal law, which hasn’t been enforced in Missouri.  This bill was heard publicly February 26th in the House General Laws committee.


HB1343 – Holding Adults Responsible if Child Accesses Firearm

Firearm must be stored separately from ammunition with penalty provisions if a child accesses an improperly stored firearm, resulting in a child’s injury or death


HB2082 – Requires permits to purchase firearms

Requires gun owners to register guns with the local sheriff, requires permit from sheriff for the purchase of additional firearms and prrohibits many from purchasing and owning firearms.