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Opinion: Air medical services vital to rural health care of Missouri


Missourians need secured access to air medical services. This is the only method of transportation that can protect our rural residents when they are in critical condition and require immediate attention. Living in rural Missouri should not be considered a risk to your health and safety, yet with the state’s continued hospital closures, these remote communities are left vulnerable.

Dave Myers II

As an aircraft crewman for the Missouri National Guard, we respond to situations with speed, strength, and efficiency; these are all the same qualities that air medical services provide patients in critical condition. It is vital that these services are protected as hospitals in the state continue to close. I always want to ensure the safety of my co-workers and their families; we are a community. Many employees, including my family, commute from rural areas. I am concerned about the lack of access to care that rural Missourians have when in emergency situations.

I have led a career dedicated to making Missouri a better, safer place to live. Protecting air medical services in legislation will bring great comfort to the rural communities of the state. I urge Senator Blunt to support Commerce Committee Chairman Wicker’s proposal to secure air medical access and avoid benchmark rates for this crucial service. Senator Blunt has been a wonderful advocate for the people of Missouri. I hope the Senator will continue to advocate for rural voices by securing air ambulance access.