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OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN 2018: Rep. David Gregory


“I am most proud of the relationships I’ve built and the trust I’ve established with my colleagues,” Rep. David Gregory said about his first two-year term. “It’s an honor that people will trust me, especially with litigation issues, and know that I will shoot them straight.”

Gregory represents parts of St. Louis County, District 96, for the Missouri House of Representatives. When he is not doing legislative duties, he works as a Civil Litigation Attorney in Clayton, Missouri. He received his bachelor’s in accounting, MBA, and Juris Doctor from St. Louis University. 

Born and raised in South County, Gregory has always had ties to the area and has not had the desire to leave. “You know your neighbors and the police officers by name,” Gregory said. “I just feel like St. Louis is a perfect balance and blend of small town and big city. It’s the perfect place to live and raise a family.” David also said that with his family already being from there and living there, it just works out. 

There is a lot that Gregory has learned as a freshman legislator, but the biggest lesson is the relationship building. He said that no matter what line of work you are in, relationships are going to be a key aspect, “but I never realized how important they are and how pivotal they are until I became representative.” And he is excited to continue on the path of establishing more strong relationships with his colleagues in his next term. 

“I want to heavily focus on legislation and getting my bills passed,” Gregory said when looking towards his next steps as representative. “I’m also looking forward to helping my colleagues pass their bills.” Gregory now has a better understanding of what legislation looks like and what it takes to get bills passed. He is ready to take the knowledge that he has gained in his two-year term and move to the next level in representing St. Louis County.

Aside from collaborating with his colleagues and working to build strong relationships within the House of Representatives, Gregory said that his biggest accomplishment of the year was passing his first bill. The bill, HB 1388, was passed in March of 2018. It focuses on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and allowing amateur kickboxing and mixed martial arts to be put under state supervision. “The bill was not a top priority bill, but it was something that I was excited about. It was rewarding being able to get a bill passed on my own as a constituent and freshman. It was a big deal to me.”

When Gregory gets some time to himself, he likes to listen to music and go on runs. “It’s a nice way to get away from everything for a while. A close second would be sitting on my front porch, drinking a beer, waving at people as they drive by.” Although Gregory is kept very busy, he is sure to make it a priority to spend time with his family. 



This appeared in the fall 2018 edition of the Missouri Times Magazine, available in Jefferson City at the Capitol, Tolson’s, Cork, and J. Pfenny’s, and online here.