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Press Release: Eric Schmitt receives Missouri Prosper endorsement

Missouri Prosper endorses U.S. Senate Candidate Eric Schmitt.

“The energized parents and citizens that work with Missouri Prosper know they have a champion in Eric Schmitt. He worked to ensure parents’ authority over their children’s education by standing up to bureaucrats, special interests, and politicians who will not put kids first. Missouri Prosper enthusiastically endorses Eric Schmitt for U.S. Senate so he can fight to limit the federal government; and, restore the Constitution’s limits on the federal government. We are confident he will restore our children’s freedom to pursue their birthright as Americans- and pursue the American dream. For this reason, Missouri Prosper is proud to endorse U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt.” Ashley Lawson, Executive Director, and Board of Directors

“Missouri Prosper: Helping education do MOre for families.”

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Missouri Prosper is a group of parents dedicated to creating strong communities where families and individuals can have the opportunity to prosper and self-govern. We actively work toward this goal by providing opportunities to increase community awareness through round-table discussions between parents, educators, advocates, and legislators in order to create an environment to have open dialogue.