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PRESS RELEASE: State Rep. Robert Cornejo Files Legislation to Ensure the Integrity of the Election Process


                 From the Office of Rep. Robert Cornejo
64th District
January 22, 2015                                                
CONTACT:    Rep. Robert Cornejo
                                (573) 751-1484
State Rep. Robert Cornejo Files Legislation to Ensure the Integrity of the Election Process
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State Rep. Robert Cornejo recently filed legislation designed to empower election authorities to be more effective in preventing election fraud in Missouri. Cornejo’s bill, HB 648, would require election authorities to provide a description of the facts establishing probable cause for election fraud if requested by the investigating authorities.
Cornejo said the impetus for the legislation was a case of election fraud that occurred when more than 1,000 fake signatures were discovered on a petition to put early voting on the Missouri ballot. He said prosecution of the case has not moved forward because of the lack of a probable cause statement that can be submitted to the county prosecutor’s office.
Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander claimed his office did not have the authority to include a probable cause statement in their findings of potential fraud and instead passed along the information to prosecutors, who also claim they cannot write the statement. Cornejo said his bill would end the confusion by making it clear that the state’s chief election authority has the power to write a probable cause statement in cases of suspected election fraud.
“The Secretary of State is responsible for protecting the integrity of our elections process and I want to make sure the office has all the tools necessary to crack down on obvious cases of election fraud here in Missouri,” said Cornejo.
He added, “While I disagree with Secretary Kander and feel he already has the authority to provide a probable cause statement, we can end all debate by passing this bill into law and making his responsibility crystal clear. It’s an important change, and one I know my colleagues will support, as we do all we can to prevent election fraud here in Missouri.”