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Press Release: State Representative Jeff Farnan unveils re-election campaign

Stanberry, MO – Missouri State Representative Jeff Farnan is proud to announce his re-election campaign in Northwest Missouri. As a trusted Republican and a dedicated public servant, Farnan has consistently upheld the values and priorities of his constituents. With the Republican primary election set for August 6th, Farnan is eager to continue his work representing the people of Missouri.

“Three powerful words have always been the foundation of my campaign: We The People,” Farnan stated. “I will continue to fight for your freedoms and ensure the government remains accountable to We The People of Missouri.”

Throughout his firm term, Rep. Farnan has focused on key issues that resonate with the people of northwest Missouri. His priorities include:

  • Upholding Gun Owners’ Rights: A staunch defender of the Second Amendment, Farnan has worked tirelessly to protect the rights of gun owners.
  • Supporting Family Farms & Businesses: As a cattle and hay farmer himself, Farnan understands the challenges faced by local farmers and small businesses. He has consistently advocated for policies that support rural communities.
  • Ensuring Quality Education: With a background of service on the Jefferson C-123 School Board, Farnan is committed to ensuring that every child in Missouri has access to a high-quality education.
  • Standing Against the Abortion Industry: A strong pro-life advocate, Farnan has taken a firm stand against the abortion industry, championing the rights of the unborn.
  • Eliminating Waste & Red Tape: Dedicated to fiscal responsibility, Farnan has worked to cut unnecessary government spending and reduce bureaucratic over-regulation.

Rep. Farnan’s involvement in his community is extensive. He co-founded the Tri-Meadows Event Center and is a 3rd Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus. As an active member of St. Columba Church, he serves as a Eucharistic Minister.

A lifelong Missourian, Farnan is a small business owner and practicing optician. He and his wife, Joan, are the proud parents of five children. His deep roots in the community and commitment to public service earned him the trust and respect of his constituents during a tough 5-way primary in 2022.

“Together, we can continue to uphold the conservative values that make our state strong,” Farnan emphasized. “There’s already enough division in politics; now is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves. As conservatives, we should stand together to ensure our freedoms are not trampled upon by the radical left. I look forward to serving you once again and fighting for the issues that matter most to our rural communities.”

For more information, please contact the campaign at or visit Jeff’s campaign Facebook page.