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Professional protestors are asking Trump’s EPA to dig up an entire landfill and haul it through rural Missouri

By Cindy O’Laughlin

Professional protestors want the government to excavate an entire landfill and move it through rural Missouri, at your expense. The crazy thing is – even the EPA says the legacy waste materials from the Manhattan Project are safest where they are and that cracking the landfill open will put more Missourians, including locals, at risk.

Led by the Environmental Defense Coalition’s Alex Cohen, protestors blocked trash trucks coming into the site earlier this year, chaining themselves to barricades. Using carabiners that they could have released themselves, the protestors sat in the way of commerce. Cohen is a professional protestor, though, and has rallied to block pipelines and other progress around the United States.


Police reports say the protestors brought small bottles of hot sauce with them, in the event they could create the effect of being pepper sprayed by police. One or two in the group even soiled themselves while blocking workers and trash trucks from moving in and out of the driveway to a transfer station that still remains at the now-closed landfill. I guess, “it happens.”

Maria Chapelle-Nadal, the now-famous state senator that called for the assassination of President Trump, is also a leading antagonist at the site. Trump’s EPA is left with the decision on whether or not to excavate or permanently cap the site with the latter being the safest option. Hopefully, they’ll see the crazies for what they are and move forward with the plan they already approved in 2008.

Though I have disagreed with EPA overreach in some areas; this decision makes the most sense for this situation.

The landfill, which sits adjacent to Lambert Airport, was closed long ago to avoid bird strikes to local airplane traffic. This problem will be exacerbated by any option that includes excavation.

Unnecessary excavation and hauling of radiologically impacted materials across our state is opposed by law enforcement, county commissions and farmers including the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

The time has come for Trump’s EPA to stand up against radical environmentalists and oppose unnecessary excavation of the West Lake Landfill that will put more Missourians, including locals, at risk.

The time has come for Ed Chu, Scott Pruitt and others at the EPA to stand up to these radical environmentalists and put an end to this controversy.