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RELEASE: David Gregory launches bid for senate

St. Louis County, MO — Conservative and former State Representative David Gregory announced his candidacy for District 15 State Senator in 2024. Known as a conservative firebrand, Gregory claims: “We can’t afford anymore soft, do-nothing Republicans. It’s time to get bold and drive home the conservative agenda. We’re coming.” 

“We’re coming for criminals. It’s time for violent crime in St. Louis County to end. We can start by doubling the police force and ensuring our police officers are some of the highest paid and greatest trained officers in the country. If you commit a crime, you’re going to get caught. By the time we’re done, there will be no doubt your family is safe in St. Louis County.” 

“We’re also coming for government programs that attempt to pervert or corrupt the minds of children in schools,” Gregory said. “Any government funded program that’s trying to brainwash children with critical gender theory or critical race theory will face consequences,” he said. 

Gregory was District 96’s Republican State Representative from 2017 to 2023. His tenure in the House included a series of legislative accomplishments, which he plans to expand in the Senate. In 2020, Gregory’s “Carjacking Bill,” was signed into law. “Crime is out of control and carjackings are on the rise. It was time to take a strong stance.” 


During his time in the House, Gregory served as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He is uniquely qualified to firm up the State’s bench of conservative judges: “While democrats want to flood our courts with ‘woke’ activist judges who legislate from the bench, I have a plan to fortify Missouri’s judiciary with a stream of conservative judges that will be tough on crime and stand firmly to uphold constitutional principles.” 

Gregory also served as the House’s Chairman of the Special Committee on Government Accountability. In 2018, drawing on his experience as an accountant and auditor, he unveiled his famous Risk Recovery Audit of Missouri’s Department of Revenue, which uncovered over $36 million in government waste. “Missouri needs a Senator with the know-how and tools to battle inflation and uncontrolled spending,” stated Gregory.

“The future of our state and nation is at stake,” said Gregory. “In 2024, it is more important than ever to elect a true conservative to the state senate. Get ready, because we’re coming.” 

Gregory’s campaign is backed by Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick, Speaker of the House Dean Plocher, and other West County officials. Incumbent Senator Andrew Koenig has also expressed his support. David Gregory has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.