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Rep. Burger announces run for House Leadership

Today on the This Week in Missouri Politics Midweek Update State Representative Jamie Burger, the Republican from Scott County, told host Scott Faughn that he plans on running for House Majority Floor Leader.

While the House Speaker is the presiding officer of the House, the Majority Floor Leader still controls the order of business of the chamber.

The current House Majority Floor Leader is Rep. Jon Patterson. Burger serves as the Assistant Majority Floor Leader. Burger also currently serves on the House Committees for Local Government, Legislative Oversight and Transportation Infrastructure.

Even though he is only on his second term in the House, Burger has experience in the realm of public service. He spent 12 years as the presiding commissioner of Scott County before being elected to the House.  And now he wants to stay in the House, instead of moving to the upper chamber.

“I’m all in for running for Majority Floor Leader,” Burger told Faughn during the show.

“I don’t think the Senate is a good fit for me, I think I have a pathway to be Majority Floor Leader after spending this session with working Dr. Patterson and Speaker Plocher and sitting at the leadership table. I think we need a common sense approach and I think I can bring that to the floor,” Burger said.

Burger also talked about his plans to travel the whole state after session is over to walk in parades, shake hands and meet new candidates.

“I am excited by my opportunities,” Burger remarked. “I think I have a pathway. Nothing’s ever easy, but I am not immune to hard work”.

As of now, no other representative has announced a run for Majority Floor Leader.

To watch the full interview, click here.